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The Base Station provides voice prompts during setup, as well as when the system is arming, disarming, and triggered. When the system is triggered, the voice alerts you to enter your passcode before the system starts beeping. You can also integrate SimpliSafe into an Alexa smart home setup, which enables you to arm the system in Home or Away mode or to check the system’s status using voice commands. For security reasons, however, you cannot currently disarm the system using voice commands. Unlike some of the other no contract systems we looked at, SimpliSafe really needs a monitoring subscription to be most effective. Some systems like the Nest Protect will send push notifications when triggered, even without a service plan.

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Hopefully, our quick Good and Bad breakdown will help give you an idea of what to expect with ADT Security Systems.

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And yes, I do believe it needs to be a 9mm.

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Optional touch screen control panel upgrade.

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Presumably any additional equipment or services would increase this cost.