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Just want to provide some information to you that Protect America will not advise you of before you sign up for them. 1 Once you sign up with them you are locked into a 3 year contract with them that you CANNOT change. If you have some life change good or bad, you cannot adjust your plan. 2 If you have a life change that requires a change in policy, you’ll have to find someone to take over your existing contract or renew your contract for another 3 years but they still won’t change your plan yes I know this is basically no option. 3 If you decide you just don’t want the service anymore, there is no early termination fee like with most companies. For Protect America, you would still have to pay the equivalent to the monthly charge for the remainder of your policy. Example, you have 10 months left on your 3 year contract and pay $80 per month, to term your contract you would have to pay $800. Don’t bother calling corporate office or making a complaint on their website, they will still tell you the same thing. I just wanted to provide this information so you can make an informed decision. Some of the DIY systems that are heavily endorsed on this article aren’t all bad. For some, they are cost effective.

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On the one hand, there is no additional installation cost.

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Thanks to modern technology, you can do a lot more with an OmniGuard home security alarm system besides just secure your house!Energy management and automation is part of the package.

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His knowledge of their products gives me peace of mind and makes me confident in Security One.

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Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt does not ship with the latest Android version Gingerbread, 2.